expert Committee nominate

 An expert Committee is appointed with the following members who are 
renowned in urban planning to take a quick review of the developmental plans 
initiated so far and suggest comprehensive development strategy for all-round 
development of the entire State including Capital: 
1. Prof. Dr. Mahaveer, Professor of Planning, Dean (Academic), School of 
Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. 
2. Dr. Anjali Mohan, Urban and Regional Planner. 
3. Prof. Shivananda Swamy, CEPT, Ahmadabad 
4. Prof K.T. Ravindran, SPA(Retd), Delhi School of Architecture, Delhi. 
5. Dr. K.V. Arunachalam, Retd. Chief Urban Planner, Chennai. 
2. The Committee shall co-opt one member who is an expert in 
Environmental Issues & Flood Management. 
3. Sri G.N.Rao, IAS (Retd) (1988 batch) will act as Convenor of the Expert 
3. The Committee shall submit its report to the Government within six 
4. Orders regarding the other terms and conditions and remuneration of the 
Expert Committee and Convenor will be issued separately